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PodcastsOver the last couple of years podcast have become highly popular with the downloading public.
More and more businesses are now using podcasts to interact with their customers.

These can be produced like small shows or just a short feature.
To the listener they are entertaining as well as informative, to you they are a great way of getting your company name and brand into the ears of new and existing customers.

Whatever your business we can tailor a podcast to you and your customers needs.

For example if you were a bank you could include a podcast on your website featuring five top money saving tips or if you were a recruitment agency you could offer a podcast about interviewing techniques. Some companies also use podcasts to help them with company training.

As well as offering the normal pdf documents to your staff on your intranet you can also offer all the information on MP3 which can be easly updated.

Home Commercials Radio Business Disco In Store Podcasts
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